As your Representative, I will continue to lead reforms and initiatives that allow our residents, families and businesses to
find the opportunities that make Colorado the best place to live, work, retire, and raise a family.


A major challenge in House District 38 is the availability and affordability of housing.  Affordable housing is a market driven issue, but Colorado’s unreasonable regulations on the housing industry have added to the limited availability of first time buyer homes and affordable senior housing. I have co-sponsored and supported legislation to help improve the housing environment and to bring new, more affordable housing stock to the state of Colorado. Click here to learn more about this landmark legislation HB 1279.

Senior Services
In Colorado, seniors who have lived in their homes for more that ten years can apply for the Senior Homestead Exemption. This is a Colorado voter-approved tax relief for seniors over 60 to ensure that they will be able to stay in their homes. Currently, the Homestead Exemption is under attack. I have listened to voices from seniors in House District 38 and I will not support the change. With property tax already increasing, seniors in our district are feeling the pain of tightened personal budget. To eliminate this exemption is wrong and I will fight for this constitutionally mandated tax relief.

Environment and Energy
I care about our environment, clean air and water. I fought for years to create the Arapahoe County Open Space Program that generated open space, paid for environmental cleanup along the South Platter River and added protection for the Highline Canal.  I will continue to support and sponsor legislation that will keep Colorado beautiful and healthy.  

Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry in responsible for over 38,000 jobs and $4.1 billion in wages - in Colorado. It is good to know, we already have some of the strictest regulations on the oil and gas industry in the nation. Our energy economy is vital to our way of life, to the economy of our State, and for the thousands of jobs of our friends and neighbors.

I will fight over-regulation and outside special interests that are threatening to gut our economy, eliminate jobs and take away opportunities. I have experience working with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to create model local government best practices for the oil and gas industry. As your Representative, I will fight to ensure that industry protects the environment and has the opportunity to responsibly develop those critical resources while protecting Colorado’s beautiful environment.

School Safety
I worry our kids remain dangerously vulnerable if all we do is fight about politically polarizing gun control laws at the legislature. I care deeply about school security. It is only right to enact school safety measures to protect our kids, the way we are protected in airports, at sporting events and in government buildings.

This year, I lead the effort for a significant change the State’s budget, to include school security. This budget amendment garnered $35 million to hire and train more school resource officers and can be used to pay for security cameras, controlled access and other security measures on campus.

Keeping our transportation infrastructure maintained is critical to a thriving economy. Colorado has added over 1 million new residents in the last 10 years, we must prioritize the maintenance of existing infrastructure and invest in critical safety and congestion mitigation projects.  

I support the ballot initiative “Fix Our Damn Roads” to fix our roads without increasing taxes or fees.  It is obvious to everyone that we have not appropriately maintained our roads. We need to prioritize cleaner, safer, better roads and bridges. This is what you deserve.

We need transparency, not mandates. Price transparency is more important than a heavily government regulated health care system or a single payer. We all know our health care costs have skyrocketed. Those living in House District 38 have shared their stories with me about the high cost, increasing share of the burden and higher out-of-pocket expenses. Our healthcare system is not customer friendly, but it should be. The way to solve this problem is healthcare price transparency. That is why, this year, I brought forth legislation year that would require full transparency in medical pricing for providers and insurers.  To learn more about it, click this link.

True transparency will bring down the cost of healthcare and improve health outcomes.