Susan Beckman, an outstanding county commissioner, who has the experience to represent the county very well. Part of good government is to start at the local level, planning commissions, school boards, city councils, and then move up the leadership ranks. She has done her homework and will be a strong leader in state government. Arapahoe County has really good fiscal discipline and an excellent credit rating due to strong commissioner leadership by Susan and her colleagues.
— Bob Sweeney, Owner and Editor of The Villager

"Susan has proven her leadership time and time again to the voters of Arapahoe County. I know that she as the experience necessary to handle the tough fights in the legislature. There are a few people that I would trust more than Susan to represent me and our conservative values in the House." 

-Kathleen Conti, Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 1

"Susan understands that Seniors are on a fix income. She always takes time to listen to the concerns of seniors. She has been actively involved in the Arapahoe County Area Council of Aging and volunteers for Meals on Wheels in Littleton and Centennial. Susan understands the unique concerns of seniors, like how important it is that we can stay in our homes when we retire." 

-Jerry Hill, Senior Citizen

"Susan knows the devil is in the details and that bad regulations are more than just a nuisance— they kill jobs and hurt productivity.  When looking at budgets, regulations or legislation, she demands accountability and always looks for the consequences of laws that are passed."

-Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2

"Vote for Susan Beckman for state representative from District 38 because of her excellent record for the 12 years she served as our county commissioner. She then became Colorado's director of the Office of Administrative Solutions, where she managed the construction and maintenance projects for the state veterans' nursing homes, state mental hospitals and state youth correction facilities. Beckman's past public service has proven that she has been responsible with our tax dollars and made sure that our government was always accountable and transparent to us - the people she served. Susan Beckman certainly deserves our vote!"

-Mort Marks, Veteran, Author, the Villager Newspaper Columnist

"Susan is one of the hardest working volunteer and public servant that I know. She put in countless hours on behalf of our region leading the effort to clean up and protect the South Platt River and the Highline Canal. Our entire community benefits from her unique and committed leadership. Susan gets it done."

-Gale Christy, Former Mayor of Columbine Valley

"Susan has lead a remarkable effort to cut waste and spending in Arapahoe County. She is conservative and effective. You always know where she stands on issue. She is solid in her conservative values and has shown she can get things done."

-Nancy Doty, former Arapahoe County Commissioner

"Susan’s background has given her the experience and fortitude she needs to serve in the legislature. She is a military wife who managed a household when her husband was serving in war. She raised two children in our community and schools, and she knows the financial stresses of sending children through college."

-Steve Ward, former State Senator

"We are at a critical juncture in the State of Colorado. Susan has proven her leadership time and time again to the voters of Arapahoe County. I know that she has the experience necessary to handle tough fights in the legislature and she will hit the ground running. There are few people that I would trust more than Susan to represent me and the City of Centennial’s priorities. There is just too much at stake."

-Kathy Turley, Centennial City Council